How do I pin an email?
  1. Send an email to

  2. In a few seconds you'll get a reply with a link to your email.

  3. Share the link to the email!

What does a pinned email look like?

Like this! The home page of this site is actually a pinned email (pinception).

Can emails include attachments?

Yes, they can. Images will be rendered alongside your email. Please note that a restriction of 30MB per email applies.

Does mailpin support HTML emails?

It sure does!

Will my email address be stripped from the pinned email?

There is no sanitization applied to email content, so please make sure to edit your email so that it excludes any sensitive information (e.g. email addresses) before forwarding it to mailpin.

I accidentally pinned an email I shouldn't have, can I delete it?

Please email with a link to your email and I'll delete it for you.